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“One thing is in our hands and that is to control your losses. Join our academy to understand how to control the losses in the stock market.”

Vikas Singh Gahlot is a Forex & Futures trader that uses Technical Analysis for his decision-making. Vikas had a career at a global consulting firm before moving his attention to the markets. His advice is to treat trading like a business; be accountable and have discipline.

Who We Are?

Hello, traders! My name is Vikas Gahlot, and I am the Head trader and mentor at Metaverse Trading Academy. To date, we have educated over 10000 students with our unique online courses for Forex and stock trading.

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance. I have worked for brokers, financial institutions and banks, always searching for the best way to trade on the market. Now, I share all of my knowledge and experience by creating online courses which, in today’s world, is the easiest way for everybody to learn.

Why Metaverse Trading Academy?

More than 90% of the traders start trading online without any prior knowledge or by watching just a few free videos or reading random articles in various forums. 95% of them quickly lose all of the initial capital – 80% of them during the first month alone.

Our strategy are based on the best and very latest Software available on the market for creating trading strategies and Expert Advisors. This way, we eliminate the two leading emotions that cause traders to lose while trading online – greed and fear.


How we started

My name is Vikas Singh Gahlot and I founded Metaverse Trading Academy back on the 2012. I was attracted to trading many years ago as I heard anecdotal stories about average people generating life changing financial returns in a short space of time. I read books, went to seminars, hired a market analyst and dedicated all my brain power to becoming a successful trader. As I learned to trade I doubled a few accounts (followed by blowing them up!).

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Journey for Long Time

While I was on this journey I searched for a trading room where I could interact with other traders and discuss the market while also learning from the success of others. I was surprised to learn that this resource didn’t exist. So I decided to build it myself! I was determined to build a completely transparent and inclusive site that anyone could join.

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Present Time

It has been one hell of a journey ever since! Over 10,000 members have registered, we now employ 10 full-time staff in addition to our team of 2 market analysts contributing inside the trading room and educating you every day.

We might be spread across four hemispheres, operating from all sides of the planet, but we’re all on the same page. We’re serious about what we do, and the commitments we make to our customers.

We’ve been at it for more than 10 years, and we’re just getting started. Watch this space.

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Metaverse Trading Academy is a renowned share market training institute located in Rajkot, Gujarat. Our academy started with a simple dream of imparting knowledge about stock trading to beginners by Mr Vikas Gahlot. After being a successful trader, he started this academy to follow his passion towards becoming a successful trader. Today with more than 5000 learners he aims to make every student a successful trader.

We endeavor to assist you with meeting your monetary objectives with a complete educational plan. Our courses are intended to cover a range of interactive courses and in-depth course material including Swing Trading, Short Term Trading, Position Trading, and Investment Theory for Stocks, Futures & Options.


Metaverse Trading Academy works with an honorable thought process of providing training to the youthful age to grow its monetary areas. We began with a dream of giving information and abilities to shape splendid professions.


Our vision is to turn into the most loved online academy for learners who are interested in Stock trading. We expect to upgrade your insight on Intraday trading and thus assist you with accomplishing your financial goals.


Metaverse Trading Activity follows one simple rule that is to follow your passion and work hard towards it. MTA® assures you that you will lead to excellence with our training methods and visionary trainers.

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