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Metaverse Trading Academy: Redefining Stock Market Education

Welcome to Metaverse Trading Academy, where we revolutionize stock market education with a unique emphasis on live market learning and institutional tools. Unlike traditional approaches, we prioritize real-time engagement and the use of advanced tools like market profile analysis, order flow mapping, and option chain combinations to decode institutional behavior comprehensively.

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What Sets Us Apart

Live Market Learning

We are pioneers in offering live market learning experiences, allowing our students to engage directly with real-time market dynamics. This hands-on approach ensures our traders are always ahead of the curve.

Low-Risk, High-Reward Strategies

Our methodology focuses on low-risk, high-reward trading strategies, empowering traders to maximize profits while minimizing risks—an approach that is both effective and unique in the industry.

Advanced Institutional Tools

Unlike others, we integrate sophisticated institutional tools like market profile analysis and order flow mapping into our curriculum. Understand market behavior at a deeper level and make informed trading decisions.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

From daily live market commentary by our NISM certified Master Mentor, Mr. Vikas Gahlot, to free live trading webinars and a rich library of quality books, we provide unmatched resources for continuous learning and growth.

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Free Services for Our Community Members

Daily Live Market Commentary

Join our Telegram for daily insights from Mr. Vikas Gahlot on index movements (Nifty and Bank Nifty), equity cash, futures, and options, with precise entry and exit information.

Live PUT Call Ratio Updates

Receive real-time PUT call ratio updates every 15 minutes, crucial for informed trading decisions.

Daily VWAP Status

Access daily, weekly, and monthly VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) status to identify crucial support and resistance levels.

Full-Day Live YouTube Stream

Watch live charts and scanners on our YouTube channel throughout the trading day, guided by dedicated mentors.

Free Live Trading Webinars

Participate in our live trading webinars during every Nifty50 index expiry on Zoom, offering practical strategies and insights.

Extensive Free Library

Access a curated library of high-quality books to enhance your trading knowledge.

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